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About GamePoint

Our History
Realtime multiplayer gaming has been the keyword to summarize GamePoint’s operations since the company was founded in 1998. In the beginning GamePoint hosted servers for first person shooter games, enabling people to play a game against others in realtime. A few years after this GamePoint set foot in the world of social games with the release of their first webgame, Darts, released in 2001. Darts turned out to be a hit and consequently GamePoint’s offer of webgames was expanded. Traffic to GamePoint’s games grew quickly and with this growth the challenge of monetization arose.

In 2004 GamePoint launched Bingo, the company’s first game in which virtual currency was used. From this day on GamePoint’s gaming platform had its very own economy, which today is the main driver for monetization of GamePoint’s service.

Mission and vision:
GamePoint aims to entertain a worldwide audience with its real time multiplayer social games. Providing social features in our games and extensive community support GamePoint builds on long term relationships with their users.


The Hague, Netherlands
GamePoint’s Global HQ is situated at The Hagues Beach front Scheveningen in The Netherlands. This is where GamePoint’s operations are directed. 85 employees are working there on making GamePoint games an even bigger success.

Business Development:
Our Business Development team wakes up every morning to think about GamePoint’s growth. New user acquisition, Player Retention, New Business Partnerships and Scalability are a few keywords that describe the departments focus.

Community Operations:

Our Community Operations team is the face of our company at the users end. Working globally in an online environment means that the action never stops. The team engages with the users in five different languages every day to make sure every single one of our players is a happy one!

HR and office makes sure every employee is looked after well. Finance arranges that everything and everybody get’s paid on time and looks after the cash flow

Website Development:
Making sure our websites and games are up and running. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Game Design & Development:
Our Game design and development teams is where new games are created and the website designs come to life.