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Bingo by GamePoint launches on iPhone and iPod touch

Monday, December 22, 2014 at 13:23

Today GamePoint announced it has launched the mobile version of its hit social game GamePoint Bingo exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch. It can be found in the iTunes store under the name Bingo by GamePoint where it joins a version for iPad that has been in open Beta for several months. By combining traditional bingo gameplay with state-of-the-art social features including mass 500+ player chat and cross-game private messaging, Bingo by GamePoint recreates the lively atmosphere found in real bingo halls across the world on your mobile device.

Bingo by GamePoint is a mobile social bingo game, where players simultaneously play up to fifteen bingo cards. “Our aim has always been offering a close simulation of the real bingo hall experience. Doing that on mobile has been a challenge resulting in over 2 years of development. With the help of a group of very fanatical GamePoint Bingo players (thanks all!), we’ve managed to integrate almost all features the game has on web, while still presenting it in a package that makes sense on a mobile phone,” says Amon Endt, CEO at GamePoint. “Admittedly, development took a bit longer than we had anticipated, but we feel that the product profited immensely from the time we put in.”

Some unique features in Bingo by GamePoint

  • Authentic Bingo gameplay (no crazy power-ups or arcade type mechanics)
  • Synchronous mass chat (up to 500 people per room, cross room private chat, cross game private chat) which resizes cards when opened, which allows for simultaneous chat AND gameplay
  • An established, heavily engaged community of people that met, formed friendships, fell in love and even had children based on GamePoint Bingo’s chat and interaction
  • Multiple prizes per card per user (Won a line? Game’s not finished. You might also win another prize or even prizes)
  • Cross room, cross region Jackpot rounds (SuperBingos), that trigger after a pot is filled by users in dozens or even hundreds of rooms simultaneously

“Our hope is that users that now play our game on GamePoint.com or on Facebook canvas will find the time to play Bingo by GamePoint when they’re on the road or find themselves without a PC. By connecting with Facebook, users can easily find their friends, exchange gifts and share their Bingo experiences with others,” according to Rik Haandrikman, Director of Business Development. “We’re confident that our current players will be able to experience all facets of the game they know and love on a new platform, while new players will find Bingo by GamePoint a truly unique bingo experience on a mobile phone. We’re looking forward to continuing development of our first true mobile game with our players and partners worldwide.”

Bingo by GamePoint is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at www.appstore.com

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