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NEW: find GamePoint Bingo at www.facebook.com/bingo!

Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 11:28

A little over a year ago, some members of the community management at GamePoint started a project on Facebook. A generic page where fans of all bingo games could come and discuss their love of the game. After organically growing this page to over thirty thousand people we locked down the best bingo url possible www.facebook.com/bingo.

New url
Today, we have merged our Bingo app fanpage with over 300.000 fans with this generic bingo page, in the process making sure that typing in www.facebook.com/bingo in your browser always brings you to the best bingo app out there. This move is part of GamePoint’s long standing strategy of ensuring that users know that there’s just one place to be for synchronous multiplayer social games: GamePoint.

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