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Company Focus

GamePoint’s business is built around a vibrant community of online gamers. Everyday millions of people from all over the world visit one of our games and most of them will keep coming back for a game for years to come. As a company GamePoint takes great pride in hosting this loyal audience of online gamers. We are focused on building long lasting customer relations with our beloved players.

It’s not easy to build a long lasting relationship with a customer in an online environment. Without face to face communication, pro activeness is a key factor in creating relationships. That’s why we’re always listening and open to conversation. We will answer, whether it’s by chat, email or phone.

Our Model:
Building this great community of players and keeping up with their demands wouldn’t be possible without a viable business model. On the GamePoint platform all our players are part of one big economy. Together they enable us to expand and build an even better GamePoint.

GamePoint’s economy is fueled by GamePoint coins, our own virtual currency. The coins can be used as stake throughout all the games on the platform. Every player receives an amount of free coins every day. In case a player wants to play longer than the free coins last or looks for more excitement in our high stake rooms, there’s the option to buy some more!

Returning customers often choose to purchase a VIP or SVIP subscription. As a VIP you will get 50% more coins every time you deposit, our SVIPS even get 100% extra! Also our VIPS and SVIPS enjoy a few in game benefits, like an exclusive VIP chat channel, special emoticons and much more.

The GamePoint economy makes sure every one of our players can use our platform to its own needs and most importantly that we can keep building on expanding our Platform to a global audience.

All GamePoint games are available across multiple platforms. This way one user can be playing on GamePoint.com, another one on Facebook and a third one on Mobile & Tablet, while still playing against each other in the same game. GamePoint games are currently available on the following platforms:

  • GamePoint’s own webportals
  • Social Networks
  • Partner Websites
  • Mobile (Apple/Android)

As you can see GamePoint is more than just a website. Our games are available across the web and on mobile. To help us grow our reach across the globe we have partnered up with some other cool companies. These include gaming portals by companies like Spil Games, AOL and more. Also we offer our games through social networking websites like Facebook. Combined this enables us to reach millions of players every day from all over the world.

GamePoint is currently active on a Global scale. This was not always the case. After being founded in the Netherlands the company went on to expand into Germany. After a successful launch of the company’s operations on the German market it was time to think big. With the rise of large social networks a great growth opportunity presented itself to GamePoint and the company managed to become what it is today. A global platform for real time multiplayer games entertaining people from all over the world.

Online growth can be very fast. Focus on growth per country and taking effort to understand local culture has grown GamePoint’s presence in France and the U.S. in 2012. With a newly established base audience in these markets GamePoint can go on to grow its presence there even further. At the end of 2012 GamePoint started to focus on establishing a similar base in Spanish speaking countries. The early signs of growth are there and it won’t be long until a proper base is established to build future growth on.

Of course we do not only focus on expanding our service to new geographical areas. In a digital world there’s a constant flow of technological developments. The challenge is to single out the significant changes and get your product ready for the future. Recently Flash technology has enabled us to increase the percentage of people that get into our games dramatically. Also getting our games ready for an growing mobile gaming audience is an important part of our growth strategy.

In the end everybody should be able to play a GamePoint game. Whenever they want, wherever they want. Completing this task is what our entire company strives for, every single day.